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Julie Wilson, M.A., L.M.H.C.

About Me

I’m very committed to helping other therapists start and maintain thriving, sustainable, ethical practices in the Seattle area with the added ability to incorporate social justice work. We are losing many talented practitioners because of our growing cost of living and because many in our field lack the business knowledge needed to strike out on their own successfully.

My practice is located in downtown Seattle and I came to the field of psychology after many years working in marketing, operations and sales in the world of fine dining.  I also worked in social services for a number of years.  I believe my background made me ideally suited to set up my own practice.

I started my business part-time, immediately after graduating from the master of arts in psychology program at Seattle University in 2013 with very little capital and a lot of personal effort.  S.U.’s existential-phenomenology program places equal emphasis on the fields of philosophy and psychology with a priority placed on ethics and social justice. The program balances academic rigor with practical experience.

In building my practice, I tackled almost everything myself because I was operating on a shoestring budget and because I felt I had the necessary skills to manage most tasks on my own. 

I now make six figures doing this work and still handle the majority of marketing, branding and business operations on my own, mostly because I enjoy the work.

I was born and raised in the Northwest where I completed my undergraduate work (B.A.) at Washington State University, majoring in communications with an emphasis in journalism. 

In addition to private practice, I worked for a year with the adult population at Sound Mental Health, one of the state’s largest community mental health organizations. 

I currently serve as board vice president for Foster Kinship, a non-profit serving families fostering the children of relatives.

I’m passionate about using both my therapeutic and business experience to help other therapist not just survive, but thrive in this field.  I look forward to working with you wherever you are in your process!

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