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Are My Services For You?

Starting a private practice is not something covered in the vast majority of graduate psychology programs. My consulting and coaching is designed for those of you who would like to start a practice but feel overwhelmed and under-educated when thinking about where to begin and how to create and build a solid business foundation from square one.

My services are likely a good fit for you if you are coming to private practice from one of the following situations:

  • You recently graduated, or will soon graduate, from a relevant master’s program (Yes, you can absolutely set up a private practice with an associate’s license.)
  • You work in community mental health but want to switch to private practice
  • You are working for a group practice but want more money and more control
  • You are running a private practice that is financially unsustainable

Going into private practice may be a great choice for you if you would like more control over:

  • your income
  • your work environment
  • your client-load
  • your work hours
  • your modes of intervention

What I Offer

Private Practice Consulting

I provide one-on-one consulting and coaching designed to support you in starting your practice from concept to creation. I will be your biggest cheerleader, will meet you where you are at in the process, and will leave you with actionable steps that will dispel confusion and anxiety and move you forward. 

I offer a personalized, tailored experience. You will have access to detailed information around:

  • professional licensure
  • setting up your business (including licenses, bookkeeping, taxes, and business structure)
  • general business operations (including information on EHRs, location, finding office space and web design)
  • pricing and scheduling
  • marketing and branding
  • private practice client documents

My initial, two-hour consulting sessions are designed to cover all of the above or just the areas in which you feel you have gaps in knowledge or experience.  I provide four, weekly, 15 minute, phone calls as part of our initial consultation. These sessions are designed to answer any questions that may come up as you implement your business plan.

I offer one-hour follow-up sessions designed to answer questions, update your action plan, or provide coaching to get you past any emotional or mental blocks that may be stopping you from achieving your goals.  Please see my contact and pricing page for more information.

Atlas and Arrow Consulting Manual

When we meet, I provide you with an Atlas and Arrow Consulting Manual that goes over each of the above categories in detail and includes all the main practice documents you need to get started, including a confidentiality and disclosure form, a non-secure communication consent form, a credit card authorization form, and an intake form.

I have organized business categories into manageable steps starting from the ground up.  This consulting manual is intended for those new to private practice who need help setting up the basics and attracting clients in order to operate independently and profitably as a business within a matter of a few months, not years.  It is also helpful for those struggling in private practice who feel they have knowledge gaps preventing them from achieving success. Once armed with the consulting manual and ongoing, dedicated, focus you should be able to increase your income each year and eventually meet your financial goals.

Private Practice Coaching

I have found that people often struggle with starting and maintaining a private practice not because of a lack of information but because of internal hurdles that prevent them from acting on this information.

If this is an obstacle you face, I offer business coaching designed to help you understand and overcome your unique blocks and fears, taking into account the larger context from which you are operating. 

In order to start and maintain a private practice, you must be adept at self-direction and organization on a continued basis. 

You must be capable of continually switching focus between the therapeutic side of your practice to the business side and back again.  Ideally, if you are someone who enjoys the challenge of both, private practice may be a really great fit for you.

Coaching can either be part of our initial consultation or can be addressed in follow-up sessions once you have a better idea as to the steps required in setting up a successful practice.

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